How to recover data from iPhone in recovery mode

iPhone stuck in recovery mode is one of the biggest issues faced by Apple users. Anyone facing such situation needs to recover their valuable data from iPhone stuck in recovery mode. When iPhone is stuck in recovery mode and you connect it to your PC, iTunes will recognize your iPhone and ask you to either restore or update the iPhone. If there is the possibility of the update, iTunes will automatically download the newest iOS version for you and try to install it without removing or deleting your data.

But this is not always the case. Mostly iTunes unable to complete the process of the software update and ask you to restore your iPhone. Restore option will erase your entire data and reset the iPhone to factory settings with the installation of the newest iOS version.

If you get your iPhone in recovery mode, you can use the following two ways to get your iPhone out of recovery mode.

  1. Use iTunes to get your iPhone out of recovery mode
  2. Use of third-party software such as dr.fone to get iPhone out of recovery mode

The very first and horrible outcome of the iPhone in recovery mode is the loss of data while using iCloud and iTunes backup. But there is another smarter way to recover your data from iPhone in recovery mode i.e. the use of iPhone data recovery tool like iMyFone D-back and dr.fone that can effectively and quickly recover your data.

Dr.fone – Recovery tool for iOS devices is the smart tool to recover data from iPhone in recovery mode. It is available for both Mac and Windows OS. It enables you to recover all kinds of data on your iPhone including photos, messages, notes, contacts, etc. The tool works in a smart way as it has contrasting features like:

  • It enables you to view the whole data that is actually backed up in iTunes and iCloud
  • It provides the option to recover the desired or selective data files instead of whole backup data

Recovery of data from iPhone in recovery mode in a smart way using dr.fone – recovery toolkit

Step no. 1: Create a connection between iPhone and your computer

At first, you need to start up the software on your system and click on the recover option. Now pick up your USB cable and attach your iPhone to your system. The program will automatically recognize your iPhone and offers you to “recover from iPhone directly”, “recover from iCloud backup” and “recover from iTunes backup” options. You can choose the option according to your preferences.

Step no 2: Start scanning your iPhone

Now click on recover from iTunes backup button and you would be able to discover all the files recognized in your iTunes backup. Choose one of them and start the scanning process. The software will begin to scan your iPhone for deleted or lost data files. The program will take some time to complete the process. When the software is performing the scan, you can preview the recoverable data in the list. If you happen to locate your desired data, you can “End” or “Pause” the process by selecting relevant buttons.

Note: If you are willing to recover iPhone data using iCloud backup then select recover using the iCloud backup. Now sign in to your iCloud ID and download backed up files in iCloud before viewing them in a way similar to the one done for iTunes backup.

Step no. 3: View, select and recover the data files from your iPhone

When the program finishes the scan process, you would be able to view the complete list of recoverable data. The software also offers various filters to assist you in finding your desired data. In order to preview what is inside the files, select file name and view it.

When you are done with identification of data that you are in need to retrieve, check the boxes against file names. When you selected all the files you need then click on the “Recover” option.

All of your selected data will be recovered.

Recovery of data from iPhone in the recovery mode using iMyFone D-Back tool

Step no. 1: Start the software and select the “recover from iPhone” option from the main menu and then Select the start button. In the subsequent window, choose the kind of data you are willing to recover. If you have lost all of your data then chose “select all” to retrieve all kinds of data files.

Step no. 2: Attach your iPhone to your PC with the help of USB cable. It will automatically recognize your device, then select “scan” option to start the scanning operation.

Step no. 3: The scanning will not require much time and when it is done, you would be able to preview the entire data on your iPhone on the next window. You have filter options to either “show all” or “show deleted data” for your assistance. See the list and choose the files you are willing to recover and then click on the “recover” button. Now you will be asked to choose the location to store the data and once you confirmed your data will be recovered.


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