10:30 The Hospital Club. BOOK HERE
In Association with Women in Film & Television

An insightful discussion as five up-and-coming female heads of department share their experiences of breaking into the industry and carving out a career in a male dominated work environment. The discussion will be illustrated by a screening of four short films recently produced by Rankin Film Productions.
Chair: Rebecca Brand (Head of Communications, Women In Film & Television)
Panel: Kate Hardie (Writer-Director of ‘Shoot Me!’)
Gabi Norland (Director of Photography on ‘Ablution’, dir. Vicky Lawton)
Alex Simpson (Editor on ‘Rachael’, dir. Rankin)
Ruth Crawford (Production Designer on ‘Rachael’ ‘Shoot Me!’ ‘Will You Marry Me?’, dir. David Allain)
Leanne Flinn (Casting Director across all four shorts).

12:00 Rushes Delegate Tent. BOOK HERE

A chance to see the winners films from RSSF 2011. From the original 1200+ pieces of work submitted to the festival, 150 films from 27 different countries were chosen to screen in competition. These were the eight winners:
ANIMATION AWARD: NOKIA ‘DOT’ directed by Sumo Science at Aardman Animations
SHORT FILM AWARD: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT directed by Michael Davies (Spellbound Films
INTERNATIONAL AWARD: TWO LAPS directed by Owen Trevor at Lanky Boy and Luscious International
LONG FORM AWARD: RITE directed by Michael Pearce at Digicult
BROADCAST DESIGN AWARD: THE CHASE – Venables and Bell and Intel directed by Smith & Foulkes at Nexus Productions
MUSIC VIDEO AWARD: ISLES // Little Comets directed by Aoife McArdie at Agile Films
NEWCOMER AWARD: WORSHIP directed by Calum MacDiarmid
DOCUMENTARY AWARD: YOUR MYSTERY SENDER directed by Benjamin Wigley @ Artdocs & Scottish Doc Institute

12:30 De Lane Lea.

There are many festivals screening shorts in the world and developing an exhibition strategy balancing costs, ambition and time can be difficult. The British Council join Film London and filmmakers to discuss what support there is available to filmmakers wishing to attend festivals and tips on how to make the most of your festival trip – from deciding which festivals to submit to and preparing for the visit, to successfully marketing your film and networking tips.

See Film London’s International Film Guide here.


FUJIFULM SHORTS 2012 Programme One
14:00 Rushes Delegate Tent. BOOK HERE

Fujifilm Motion Picture has selected this year’s shortlist of nominated films for final judging. Their panel of industry experts will award two prizes, the overall ‘Best Film’ and a prize for the ‘Best Cinematography’. All nominated films will be judged for both prizes. All submissions are shot, in their entirety, on Fujifilm Motion Picture film stock and must be less than 30 minutes long. Fujifilm Shorts is free to enter and entrants can submit as many short films as they like

Director of Photography -Daniel Chaytor
Director – Elisa Cepedal
Producer – Diego Lopez Alvarez
Writer -Elisa Cepedal
Lucia returns to the town of her childhood to bury her Grandmother and to sell the family shop but finds everything still very much as she left it.

Director of Photography – Franklin Dow
Director – Orlando Von Einsiedel
Producer – Orlando Von Einsiedel
Writer – Katie Bryer
A documentary which highlights the discrepancies between the hopes and the reality for a young girl from northern Nigeria.

Director of Photography – Adam Etherington
Director – Nick Ray Rutter
Producer -Emory Ruegg
Writer – NickRayRutter
Kevin is dealing with his guilt and the expectation of consequences to his actions.

Director of Photography – Andrew Alderslade
Director -Remy Bazerque
Producers -Remy Bazerque and Andrew Alderslade
The unparalleled tale of one grieving king’s pathological pursuit of laughter.

Director of Photography – Urszula Pontikos
Director – Samuel Abrahams
Producer – Beau Gordon
Writer -Ella Hickson
A couple in a long term relationship realise that they’ve grown apart, but is their love still too special to give up on altogether?

16:00 Apple Store, Regent Street BOOK HERE
In association with the British Council.
The great public funding void of 2010/11 was an unsettling time for emerging filmmakers across the country. Things are looking a little healthier in 2012, with the BFI shorts scheme and crowd funding platforms forming part of filmmaker’s funding strategy – not to mention the huge possibilities opened up by brands in content creation. Are these models built to last and how can you get involved? Here’s your chance to hear from some of the UKs most prominent funding platforms, get inside their heads and hear about their future plans.
Panellists include:
Neon Films/ BFI Shorts 2012


THE NORTH LONDON BOOK OF THE DEAD directed by Jake Lushington


WHITELANDS directed by Immanuel Von Bennigsen (Sovereign Productions) 14:00 UK
EXTRANJERO directed by Daniel Lumb, Crinan Campbell (Th2ng) 05:00 UK
HO HUM directed by Edward Copeland 06:29 UK
SoMe directed by Thom Haig, J G Harding (Neolight Project) 11:15 UK
CALLUM directed by Michael Van Der Put (Drama Centre London / 6bcc) 14:00 UK
QUIZMASTER directed by Sam Haire (University Of Bristol) 11:06 UK
HARRY directed by Jake White 08:15 UK
BIKE BUTTERFLY directed by Mike Wallis, Paul Dixon (Movemakeshake) 01:09 UK
THE NORTH LONDON BOOK OF THE DEAD directed by Jake Lushington (Pinata Productions) 14:59 UK


LONDON'S INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short film including drama, documentary, animation, music video, and broadcast design including online or mobile content, title sequences, and idents. The work of newcomers and more established filmmakers is promoted by screening work at cinemas, screening rooms and cafes throughout Soho and London's West End. The competitive categories are: The International Award The Long Form Award The Documentary Award The Short Film Award The Animation Award The Music Video Award The Pushing BoundariesAward The Newcomers Award With additional International Programmes and guest curators creating a total of 75 plus events and screenings over 10 days. Year round Rushes Soho Shorts also curates guest programmes across the UK and internationally - promoting the short film work that has previously been selected for competition.

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