10:30 The Hospital Club. BOOK HERE
In association with Itch Studios

‘For No Good Reason’ is a visually stunning unique biographical study of Ralph Steadman, whose art rose to prominence during his collaborations with writer Hunter S Thompson. The animation ’Cherrywood Cannon’ is selected to screen in the RSSF Animation category. The short film has taken two years to complete and was initially a chapter in ‘For No Good Reason’. Here, Itch Studios will talk about making the feature both creatively and financially. They will also explain how this came about and the idea of using a short to promote their feature alongside a screening of ‘Cherrywood Cannon’.

12:00 Rushes Delegate Tent. BOOK HERE

Set in La Rioja, the wine capital in the North of Spain, the Renderyard Short Film Festival this year runs from 5th to 12th October and supports the screening of new Short Films, Animations, Documentaries, Music Videos and Micro Films. The Festival also includes Film Scripts and Film Scores. Renderyard have teamed up with other film festivals worldwide to provide a new film channel that allows them to show the year’s films to an international audience online. They also show films from previous festivals as well as material from selected filmmakers around the world.


12:30 De Lane Lea. BOOK HERE
In association with VICE

The role of documentary in the modern news arena.

VICE, the skatepunk fanzine that became famous for it’s stories of sex, drugs and rock and roll now finds itself centre stage in creating and distributing video news content to the world’s youth.

With offices in 37 countries, a generation of fans, content deals with CNN, Bloomburg and The Huffington Post, and a primetime news show for HBO, VICE is producing huge amounts of documentary video for millions of global viewers.

Hosted by VICE producers and editorial staff, “Youth In Revolt” will discuss the role of documentary in telling the stories that matter to young people who, more and more, are shunning the traditional broadcasters. We will also look at the huge quantity of tools for content creation and distribution, as well as discussing the opportunities for independent producers interested in working with us.

For a new generation sick of broadcasting cliches and suspicious of the news establishment, VICE is uniquely positioned as a truly modern news source.

14:00 Rushes Delegate Tent. BOOK HERE

DC Shorts showcases the largest audience-driven collection of short films in the USA. The DC Shorts Film Festival (September 6-16, 2012) turns the spotlight on truly independent short films, created by new and established filmmakers in an era when the art of filmmaking is opening to all. They select films of every genre and niche for our competition screenings — with a special focus on films created by metropolitan Washington, DC-based directors and writers. After each screening, filmmakers have the opportunity to speak to the audience as part of a moderated panel.


16:00 Apple Store Regent Street.
In association with the British Council

Opportunities for documentary seem to be growing by the day and let’s face it, there’s no shortage of subject matter. This panel will discuss the various funding and distribution platforms available to documentary makers while looking at how to sustain a career in the medium. Discussion will also cover the particulars of the social and the commercial documentary plus the increasingly important relationship between brands, commissioners and filmmakers.

Panellists include: Doc/Fest (Chair)
Trinity Films ,
Documentary Filmmakers Group (DFG),
Cairo Cannon (Producer), Journeyman Pictures

19:00 / ICA Bar / Free
Hosted by London Short Film Festival
Come join filmmakers and short film clubs from across London.

ED SHEERAN// LEGO-HOUSE directed by Emil Nava


JARGON // DISAPPOINT YOU directed by Ian Pons Jewell (Studio Murmur) 06:19 UK
PLAN B // ILL MANORS directed by Yann Demange (Rokkit) 03:48 UK
ED SHEERAN // LEGO HOUSE directed by Emil Nava (Pulse Films) 04:05 UK
COUNTDOWN directed by Céline Desrumaux (Passion Pictures) 03.43 UK
GHOSTPOET AND THE D.O.T. // TROUBLE directed by Unknown (Passion RAW) 04:55 UK
CLOCK OPERA // LESSON NO. 7 directed by Aoife Mcardle (Agile Films) 06:00 UK
UNKLE // ANOTHER NIGHT OUT directed by Toby Dye (Black Dog / Rsa Films) 05:12 UK
BAND OF SKULLS // BRUISES directed by Joe Connor (Chief Productions) 03:45 UK
FRIENDLY FIRES // HURTING directed by David Lewandowski (Pulse Films) 04:05 UK
POLICE DOG HOGAN // SHITTY WHITE WINE directed by Fred Rowson 04:08 UK
LIZ GREEN // DISPLACEMENT SONG directed by Kate Anderson (Dept.A @ Hsi London) 04:05 UK
GRAHAM COXON // WHAT’LL IT TAKE directed by Ninian Doff (Pulse Films) 04:29 UK
SOUND ARROWS // MAGIC directed by Oskar Gullstrand & Andreas Öhman (Naive Ab) 04:12 Sweden
LITTLE DRAGON // CRYSTALFILM directed by Daniel Wirtberg (Daemon Film) 04:25 Sweden
PORTER ROBINSON // SPITFIRE directed by Saman Keshavarz (Pulse Films) 01:53 UK
BENGA // I WILL NEVER CHANGE directed by Us (A+/Academy Films) 02:00 UK
THE HORRIBLE CROWES // BEHOLD THE HURRICANE directed by Corin Hardy (A+/Academy Films) 04:34 UK
SBTRKT // HOLD ON directed by Sam Pilling (Pulse Films) 03:35 UK
GAMESHOW OUTPATIENT // D N A U X B directed by Tony Comley (Team Outpatient) 03:30 UK
KLUMZY TUNG // COUNTING SHEEP directed by Chris Bates (Skyhook) 04:13 UK





See films here:

#BUTTERZISTHELABEL directed by Wouter Westen (Circus Family Bv) 12:46 UK
THE FORGOTTEN ENEMY directed by Samuel Williams (Glamorgan University) 03:19 UK
KARIBUNI LAMU directed by Georgia Scott & Sophia Scott 11:34 UK
BAGONG SILANG directed by Zena Merton 10:06 UK
THE QUAY directed by Richard Fleury (Skeletope Multimedia) 15:00 UK
TIMED directed by Mike Jones (Who Is Mike Jones Producitons) 07:37 UK
CENTREFOLD directed by Ellie Land (Lynchpin) 09:14 UK
THREE BLIND MICE directed by Chris Whitehead, Ian Miles (Film Infinity) 03:22 UK
SEEING THE FUNNY SIDE directed by Manos Ioannou (London Film School) 16:36 UK


ROGER THE REAL LIFE SUPERHERO directed by Cathy Macdonald

ROGER THE REAL LIFE SUPERHERO directed by Cathy Macdonald

See films here.

CAROLYN’S DEAD directed by Deva Palmier (Deva Films) 11:37 UK
WALK TALL directed by Kate Sullivan 10:38 UK
PAINTING WITH 14 PERSONALITIES directed by Tuyet Le (Patient 17 Ltd) 04:00 UK
BACK ON ROAD directed by Fliss Buckles 09:23 UK
ABUELAS directed by Afarin Eghbal (NFTS) 09:16 UK
BOWLING FOR FINCHLEY directed by Colum Eastwood (London Film School) 14:04 UK
ROGER THE REAL LIFE SUPERHERO directed by Cathy Macdonald (Earnest Productions) 10:18 UK
BABYISH directed by Nick Jesper (Leafstorm / Jesper Films) 09:18 UK
SASSIE’S GRAN directed by Derville Quigley (Doubleband Films) 05:26 UK


LONDON'S INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short film including drama, documentary, animation, music video, and broadcast design including online or mobile content, title sequences, and idents. The work of newcomers and more established filmmakers is promoted by screening work at cinemas, screening rooms and cafes throughout Soho and London's West End. The competitive categories are: The International Award The Long Form Award The Documentary Award The Short Film Award The Animation Award The Music Video Award The Pushing BoundariesAward The Newcomers Award With additional International Programmes and guest curators creating a total of 75 plus events and screenings over 10 days. Year round Rushes Soho Shorts also curates guest programmes across the UK and internationally - promoting the short film work that has previously been selected for competition.

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