10.30 The Hospital Club. BOOK HERE

In association with Radar Music Videos
Building on last year’s session, we will take a look at how to progress your career as a music video director through getting representation via being signed to a production and/or distribution company. With a focus on those involved in the commissioning and production of music videos, this seminar is an opportunity to hear from, and ask questions to, key professionals involved and directors who’ve recently been through the process of being ‘signed up’.

Panellists include:
Jen Herrera (Rep/Commissioner) Las Bandas Be Brave
Agile Kristian Brodie (Head of Talent & Development) Agile Films
Craig McNeil (Director of TV/ Video) Beggars Group
Ben Reed (Director) HSI

12:00 Rushes Delegate Tent. BOOK HERE

The ZubrOFFka International Film Festival is an event which respects diversity and variety, bringing together artists open to the world and people with a keen sense of humor, who value nature. The festival is meant as a platform for the exchange of ideas and thoughts, enabling creative meetings between artists from Eastern and Western Europe. ZubrOFFka is the biggest event of its kind in North-Eastern Poland. The competitions highlight the best short films produced both internationally (the Eastward Window and the Whole Wide Window) and nationally (the competition for students, amateurs and independent filmmakers). The screenings and the concurrent events take place in the Forum cinema and in the Fama club in Białystok, as well as in other partner venues, such as the university, the art schools and art centers in various parts of Podlasie. During the festival, we aim to present films and music from all over the world. Come to Podlasie – the land of bison and film!

12:30 De Lane Lea. BOOK HERE

Much is made of the potential for transmedia projects to break free from the traditional shackles of storytelling and connect with untapped audiences. This is your opportunity to hear Lex Projects and director Mitch Jenkins, the team behind a new work created with author, graphic novelist and visionary Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta). The discussion will cover a range of topics including: strategies for reaching new audiences, brand involvement, expanding story worlds, increasing project value across diverse media, holistic thinking and the rise of ‘deep’ content’.


14:00 Rushes Delegate Tent. BOOK HERE

HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF) is an annual film festival based in Hollywood, CA, showcasing the best and brightest short films from around the globe. The festival is devoted to the advancement of filmmakers through screenings, Q&A sessions and networking events.

16:00 Apple Store, Regent Street.
In association with the British Council
The old models of content creation, talent development and career progression feel a little stiff when we consider all the opportunities available to creatives and artists in 2012. Boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, with a wealth of new work at the intersection between art, branded content, experimental film and digital design. Often transmedia in nature, this work is ever harder to pin down with traditional terms. Able to emerge and utilise new platforms and distribution models, it seems the possibilities are endless for ambitious creators. This panel aims to map the direction that moving image culture is headed in over the next few years and to give an insight into how you can stay ahead of the game by exploring the spaces where art and commerce collide.

Panellists include:
Gary Thomas @ Animate Projects (Chair)
Berg Studio
Marshmallow Laser Feast


DUCK SAUCE // BIG-BAD-WOLF directed by Keith Schofield


THE RAMSHACKLE UNION BAND // OVERBOARD directed by Arran Shearing (Greendale Prod.) 02:44
ISODORA CRANE // INCINERATE directed by Andrey Levkovitch 05:15 Belarus
DUCK SAUCE // BIG BAD WOLF directed by Keith Schofield (Somesuch in assoc. with Caviar) 03:00 UK
CLOCK OPERA // ONCE AND FOR ALL directed by Ben Strebel (Saloon Films) 04:56 UK
BLACK BLACK HILLS // THE CELEBRATION directed by Chris Strong, Jon Evans (Blac Ionica) 04:00 UK
THE SHOES // TIME TO DANCE directed by Daniel Wolfe (Somesuch & Co) 08:35 UK
KEATON HENSON // SMALL HANDS directed by Joseph Mann (Blinkink) 03:39 UK
MEMORY TAPES // YES I KNOW directed by Eric Epstein (M Ss Ng P Eces) 03:42 USA
MACCABES // PELICAN directed by David Wilson (Colonel Blimp) 03:52 UK
THE DØ // GONNA BE SICK directed by Nez (Colonel Blimp) 03:44 UK
BONOBO // EYESDOWN (MACHINEDRUM REMIX) directed by Anthony Schepperd 03.55 UK
SLUGABED // SEX directed by Chris Ullens 03:14 UK
WILEY // NUMBERS IN ACTION directed by Us (A /Academy Films) 03:07 UK
KAISER CHIEFS // KINDA GIRL YOU ARE directed by Dan Sully (Love Commercial Prod. Co.) 02:49 UK
SPIRITUALIZED // HEY JANE directed by Ag Rojas (Caviar In Association With Somesuch) 09:26 UK
MIIKE SNOW // THE WAVE directed by Andreas Nilsson (Colonel Blimp) 04:06 USA
DE JEUGD VAN TEGENWOORDIG // ELEKTROTECHNIQUE directed by Lernert & Sander (Suikerdepot) 03:09 The Netherlands
DELTA HEAVY // HOLD ME directed by Kristofer Strom (Colonel Blimp & Blinkink) 03:15 UK
KING CREOSOTE & JON HOPKINS // BUBBLE directed by Elliot Dear (Blinkink) 04:09 UK
KINA GRANNIS // IN YOUR ARMS directed by Greg Jardin (@Radical.Media) 03:25 USA



GRINDIN directed by Rogier Van Der Zwaag

EVA’S FILM MAIN TITLES directed by Dvein (Dvein) 01:49 Spain
DIRT DEVIL – THE EXORCIST directed by Andreas Roth (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) 03:36 Germany
WEYLAND TALK, TED 2023 directed by Luke Scott (RSA Films) 03:08 UK
GOLDEN AGE – SOMEWHERE directed by Paul Nicholls (Factory Fifteen) 04:35 UK
DYNAMIC BLOOMS directed by Tell No One (Skin Flicks) 03:00 UK
SHIFT directed by Jimmy Yuan (Mirari & Co.) 00:43 Australia
GOOD BOOKS – METAMORPHOSIS directed by Buck (Friend)
LIGHT directed by Sunday Paper (Rokkit) 01:27 USA
TATE directed by Double G Studios 00:50 UK
FELIXS MACHINES – QUAKE directed by Tom Mansfield 02:45 UK
SHIFT directed by Max Hattler 03.00 UK
SOULWAX – MACHINE directed by Saam Farahmand (The House Of Curves) 02:22 UK
T4 ROBOTS REBRAND directed by Grant Gilbert, Tom Robinson (@Doublegstudios) 00:34 UK
RELEASE YOUR IMAGINATION directed by Stuart Bailey,Alexis Van De Haeghe (Realtimeuk) 00:43 UK
SLOTHS directed by Punga (Not To Scale) 00:30 UK
BIRDS ON A WIRE directed by Steve Scott (Not To Scale) 00:30 UK
THE WORLD IS WHERE WE LIVE directed by Samuel Abrahams (Smuggler) 00.40 UK
THIS IS BRIGHTON directed by Caleb Yule (Caleb Yule Pictures) 03:52 England
CHIVAS REGAL 25 directed by Alon Ziv Shay Hamias (Film Club) 03.08 UK
JACK DANIELS ‘TENNESSEE HONEY’ directed by Pete Candeland (Passion Pictures) 00:30 UK
RESONANCE UN-DIRECTED directed by Multiple Artists (Sr Partners) 01.43 Worldwide
GRINDIN’ directed by Rogier Van Der Zwaag (100% Halal) 02:50 Netherlands
INDUCTANCE directed by Physalia/Gerardo Del Hierro (Physalia Studio) 01:21 Spain
SIBLING AW12 directed by Sam Renwick & Thomas Bryant 02: 15 UK
NATURAL BEAUTY directed by Lernert & Sander (Blinkart) 03:00 UK
GEOMETRIC PORN directed by Luciano Foglia 00.57 UK
RE:AX AKA PEACE STARTS WITH ME directed by Max Hattler 01:29 UK
SKIN DEEP directed by Dario Attanasio & Dominik Danielewicz (After Dark Prod) 00:51 UK
HONDA ‘CANNONBALL RUN’ directed by Dan Sumich (Passion Pictures) 02:10 UK
GENERATION TO GENERATION directed by Eran Hilleli (Xyz Studios) 01:02 Australia/Israel
SPECTRUM directed by Art & Graft (Art & Graft) 04:09 UK
THE WITCHER 2: ASSASSINS OF KINGS (Cinematic Intro) directed by Tomek Baginski (Platige Image) 03:53 Poland
TODOR AND PETRU directed by Crcr (Friend) 02:03 France
BEAT IT directed by Andrew Harmer (EntertainingTV) 01: 47 UK
AMNESTY – BREAK THE LAW OF SILENCE directed by Crcr (Friend) 01:08 UK
BACK TO THE START directed by Johnny Kelly (Nexus Productions) 02:20 UK


LONDON'S INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short film including drama, documentary, animation, music video, and broadcast design including online or mobile content, title sequences, and idents. The work of newcomers and more established filmmakers is promoted by screening work at cinemas, screening rooms and cafes throughout Soho and London's West End. The competitive categories are: The International Award The Long Form Award The Documentary Award The Short Film Award The Animation Award The Music Video Award The Pushing BoundariesAward The Newcomers Award With additional International Programmes and guest curators creating a total of 75 plus events and screenings over 10 days. Year round Rushes Soho Shorts also curates guest programmes across the UK and internationally - promoting the short film work that has previously been selected for competition.

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